Musings about the work

Skin Deep

Talking about artwork is a skill and often I think about what I am trying to convey in the paintings or what I would say about them. Thinking about the surface of my paintings, for over 20 years I have started each piece with “pattern skins.” The tissue paper used to make clothes. My first…

Thing A Day 18

Planning my next paintings. Been drawing weeds, bugs, leaves and sketching for a possible large water tower painting and an old ship painting

Going out on a limb

In high school I was a doodler. A doodler of trees, covering every notebook and book cover. I would draw a large trunk and large number of branches. I certainly didn’t think much about it. For me, high school was a time of anxiety, with the usual stress of fitting in, tests, boredom, boys, and…


The Grove is an old place over-taken by trees. About 130 years ago, it was a natural amphitheater used by the once popular vacation destination for speeches and performances. Today it’s a grove of tall old trees with a few winding paths covered with pine needles. It has a quiet, empty auditorium feel since the…


*This is something I had written about my work fall of 2019. Because of COVID, I think something of this has changed for me. The busy pace of things before COVID made being invisible a luxury, now being invisible feels like indifference. To be invisible is easy, just stay in place, don’t move, watch the…

COVId Blues

More detail and some fixes are needed with this piece but sharing some photos and thoughts on the work. Recently I have been intrigued and inspired by the spiked and broken trees around the area where I live or “thorny” as one friend pointed out. There are certainly plenty of dead trees to choose from…

Day 10

While taking photos this weekend, I found goldenrod with these unusual pods in the stems. Looked it up and they are gall bugs. Wish I didn’t bring a couple of the stems home. Ha. It was amusing to me to paint bug pods tonight.


Slowly moving this along. Thinking about snow along grass in the foreground and hanging branches

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