The Road

A collection of mixed media paintings of roadways with oversized flowers and plants in the foreground. There are vanishing points, power lines cutting through, and the lines and color of the paper just below the surface.

I’ve always been attracted to the perspective of roads and paths, collecting them to hang on my own walls. I wandered through the local looking for the places that many drive-by and don’t really see. I knew I wanted to include oversized images, for the drama and the challenge. The combination resonated with me and I’ve been excited to find places that feel familiar and probably uninspiring to others. The perspective in the work makes me feel small and if I were to walk that road, being so small, it would be a long way to get anywhere.

Mill Town Alleyway, 39 1/2 x 39 1/2″, $3,100.
Mill Town Alleyway in Summer, 29 x 29, $1,600.
Mill Town Road
Mill Town Road, 52 x 25 1/2″, $2,600
Old Town Road
Old Town Road, 48 x 25 1/2, $2,400.
The Road to Joe's Pizza
The Road to Joe’s Pizza, 48 x 21 1/2″, $2,000.
Small Town Road
Small Town Road, 52 x 21 1/2, $2,200.
Kirkland Ave
Kirkland Ave, 48 x 25 1/2, $2,400
Reds Taking Over, 40 x 30”, $2400.
Dirt Road, 40×30”, $2,400.
Neighbors, 12×12”, $250
Foot Bridge to Paper Mill, 21 1/2 x 36”, $1,500.
Mill Town lines, 28×17 1/2”, $900.
Green Bridge, 28 x 16”, $900.