COVId Blues

More detail and some fixes are needed with this piece but sharing some photos and thoughts on the work.

Recently I have been intrigued and inspired by the spiked and broken trees around the area where I live or “thorny” as one friend pointed out. There are certainly plenty of dead trees to choose from especially since the drought this summer.

I wonder about the relation between the thorny trees and painting during COVID. And the blue that falls down the trunk. I think it adds to the mood of the work. It was intentional to use complementary colors, blues with orange, some purple and my fav, yellow ochre.

As always (for the last twenty years or so) I started the piece with the patterns, using more pattern lines in the left for smaller branches and it contrasts nice against the open spaces at the top and bottom. It reminds me of broken glass or a quilt. Is it comfortable or uncomfortable?