The unfetter of the abandoned landscape. Nature mixed with architectural elements that explore the sense of place with line, texture, and paint, blending the forgotten landscape with a new topography. The work is created with acrylic paint, graphite pencil drawings, gel transfer and pattern skins on handmade stretched canvas.

Route 47 Garage
In The Garage, I Feel Safe 16×28″ $900.
SOLD The Last Wall of Railroad Salvage Building, 16 x 40, $1,280
Ancient Ruin Section image
Railroad Salvage Ancient Ruins, Section 23×29 $1,300.
Dreaming of when we talked, 28 x 17.50”, $900.
photo of painting
I Wish You Had a Favorite Spot That You Loved Secretly, 14X39″, $1,000.
P O Box 217
Lake Pleasant, MA 01347

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