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Route 47 Garage
In The Garage, I Feel Safe 16×28″ $900.
The Last Wall of Railroad Salvage Building, 16 x 40, $1,280
Ancient Ruin Section image
Railroad Salvage Ancient Ruins, Section 23×29 $1,334.
The Power Lines Are the Road Maps and the Water Towers Are the Monuments, 29×29″, $1,892.
photo of painting
I Wish You Had a Favorite Spot That You Loved Secretly, 14X39″, $1,092
P O Box 217
Lake Pleasant, MA 01347

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Paintings are created on gallery wrapped stretched canvas with a 2 inch wide profile. Depending on the imagery, the painting extends on the sizes of the profile edge. Each piece is created with acrylic paint over paper. Some of the work has the addition of original graphite drawings which are either drawn on the canvas or added with gel transfer medium.